The ComNav Stand Alone Rudder Angle Indicator System is a complete single station RAI system. This is typically used on vessels that do not have a ComNav Autopilot or in cases where a separate RAI system is required (such as Hydraulic Full Follow-up steering systems).

A rudder angle indicator displays the actual position of a boat's rudder. If the boat experiences a power failure, so does the indicator. This unique Stand Alone system provides continued operation in case of power loss. The key feature of this system is its built-in power failure indication and power failure backup. The RAI meters provide initial warning of power loss and continue to work for up to one hour after power failure by utilizing a set of internal batteries. This RAI system is capable of operating up to 15 ComNav indicator meters, and many of its standard features and options are only available on more expensive systems.

The watertight main distribution box has a new, more reliable type of terminal that exerts a constant, pre-set pressure even if the wire becomes compressed or deformed. The box comes with adjustable controls to set system parameters and eliminate trial and error. The system also has a data logging output used for an input to a ship monitoring system.

The complete Stand Alone RAI system includes the rudder follower unit and linkage assembly, and RAI distribution box, one 76-mm rudder angle indicator meter and 50' of cable.

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