Autopilot Accessories

RAI Analog Meter
Part No. 20360023

RAI Analog Meter

The analog rudder angle indicator is a backlit 76mm (3in) gauge displaying the actual position of a vessels rudder. All ComNav Autopilots come with built in electronics to drive at least three meters without additional interfacing.

Highlights of the RAI include:

  • Flush Mount
  • Water Resistant front face
  • Supply voltage for lighting 10-40VDC
  • Optional Bezel Kit (P/N:30360004)
  • Optional Wheelhouse Case (P/N:20360017)
  • Optional Watertight Case (P/N:20360016)
RAI Watertight Case
Part No. 20360016

RAI Watertight Case

The Rudder Angle Indicator Watertight Case is a good alternative for outdoor applications where flush mounting the RAI may not be possible. In these cases or, when the back of the RAI may be exposed to moisture, we recommend the watertight case. The kit comes complete with case, O-ring seals, screws and two watertight cable glands.

Stand-alone Rudder Angle Indicator System
Part No. 10360001

Stand Alone Rudder Angle Indicator System

Complete single station RAI System typically used on vessels that do not have a ComNav autopilot or, in cases where a separate RAI system is required (such as Hydraulic Full Follow-up steering systems). The Stand Alone System consists of three components:

  • ComNav Rudder Follower w 15.2m(50ft) cable and linkage kit
  • RAI Distribution Box with special circuitry
  • ComNav 76mm (3in) Rudder Angle Indicator
CT7 Thruster/Z-Drive Interface
Part No. 20350008

CT7 Box

The CT7 Box designed to work with the ComNav Commander/Admiral Advanced Autopilot Systems. It is the interface between the Signal Processing Unit to Electric Wheel, Bow/Stern Thruster, Azimuth Drive, Surface Piercing Drives and Jet Drives. It may also work as a ComNav one or two-channel isolation Amplifier.


Z-Drive Interface
Single Channel Part No. 20350006
Two Channel Part No. 20350007

Z-Drive Interface

The ComNav Z-Drive Isolation Amplifier module (one or two channel) provides total galvanic isolation between ComNav Autopilot systems and the electronics control systems typically found on Rudder/Propeller Z-Drive, Surface Piercing Drives and Jet Drives. The signal format coming from each module is an analog (-10.0VDC)-0-(+10.0VDC) compatible with all known "360 degree Z drives with options for single or twin drives.

Highlights of the Z-Drive Interface include:

  • Solid state circuitry
  • Anodized aluminum housing (watertight if installed correctly)
  • +/- 10 Volt Isolated Analog output

Single Channel Part No. 20350006
Two Channel Part No. 20350007

CT2 Drive Box
Part No. 20350001
CT2 Drive Box

ComNav CT2 Drive Box are specifically designed to connect Comnav 1001, 1101, 1201, and 2001 autopilots to steering systems using reversing DC Motor Pump sets, Linear actuators or DC Motor Mechanical Drive Units. The CT2 Drive Box features dynamic braking, current limiting and thermal protection of the MOFSET driving transistors while allowing full power acceleration when needed. CT2 Drive Box can be used with 12, 24 and 32VDC battery systems.

Highlights of the CT2 Drive box include:

  • Solid state circuitry
  • Anodized aluminum housing (watertight if installed correctly)
  • Current limiting
  • Thermal protection
  • Dynamic braking
  • Rated 40 Ampere
CT3 Drive Box
Part No. 20350002
CT3 Drive Box

ComNav CT3 Drive Box is specifically designed to connect ComNav autopilots to 3-wire split field DC motors. These motors are usually found on older reversing electric pump sets or mechanical drive autopilots. The box is transistorized "reverse pulse" braking control box. Retrofits existing 3-wire motors.

Highlights of the CT3 Drive box include:

  • Solid state circuitry
  • Anodized aluminum housing (watertight if installed correctly)
  • 10 - 40VDC
  • Converts "hunting" drive systems to "non-hunting" when used in conjunction with ComNav Autopilots (increases drive system life)
  • Rated 20 Ampere
CT4 AC Interface - AC 115-220VAC
Part No. 20350003
CT4 Drive Box

The ComNav CT4 is used in situations with the steering interface that has 115 or 220VAC solenoids.

Highlights of the CT4 drive box include:

  • Solid state circuitry
  • Anodized aluminum housing (watertight if installed correctly)
  • Uses zero crossing to detect triacs for maximum reliability (ensure noise is not generated in the 115/220VAC system)
CT5 Drive Box - Two-speed Drive
Part No. 20350004
CT5 Drive Box

The ComNav CT5 Drive Box is used to connect ComNav Autopilots to vessels using two speed (dual rate) DC solenoid valve systems. The CT5 is a recommended accessory for any Two-speed Uniblock manifolds steering system.

The Drive Box will simultaneously control a directional solenoid valve as well as a rate valve which is used for changing the flow from a low pre-set speed to a high (maximum flow) speed. The rate output will control any additional electro-hydraulic 4-way solenoid valve.

Highlights of the CT5 Drive Box include:

  • Solid state circuitry
  • 10 - 40VDC operation range
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Operates a rate valve (dual speed) in addition to a standard 4-way directional valve
Medium-duty Rudder Follower & Linkage
Part No. 20330008
Part No. 20330007
Rudder Follower and Linkage

The ComNav Medium Duty Rudder Follower, or Rotary Feedback, provides the Autopilot with information about the physical position of the rudder. This is necessary to provide optimum steering performance and accuracy. The rudder follower package includes rudder follower, 15.2cm (50ft) cable, rudderpost arm, and adjustable linkage.

Features include:

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting positions
  • Snap together assembly
  • Stainless steel, brass and plastic construction
  • Watertight glass fiber reinforced housing
Linear Feedback - Outboard Feedback
Part No. 20330002
Linear Feedback

The linear feedback works with all ComNav Autopilots except the 2001. The Linear Feedback uses a simple, stainless steel, band clamp to attach to the cylinder. The Linear Feedback can be used with hydraulic cylinders from 3.18 - 5.72cm(1.25-2.25in) diameter with strokes up to 25.4cm(10in) 9.1cm (30ft) of cable in included.

Linear Actuator - Drive for Sail Boats

The Linear Actuator is for use with the existing mechanical steering systems and consists of a hydraulic steering cylinder, a reversing pump set, a lockup solenoid valve (electrical by-pass valve). It is economic; easy to install and even comes pre-filled with hydraulic oil. The Linear Actuator engages automatically when the autopilot is in use. It also offers the additional benefit of being an independent steering system providing a safety backup if the mechanical steering fails. For 1001/22001 Autopilots add a CT2 P/N 20350001.

Linear Actuators

Highlights of the Linear Actuator include:

  • Self contained unit
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Lockup solenoid valve included
  • Fully reversible DC motor drive
  • No extra check valves necessary
  • Solid state motor control

Models available:


Reversing Motor Pumpsets for 7-30 CU-IN Cylinders
Part No. 20810066
Part No. 20810067
Part No. 20810068
Part No. 20810069

Type 1 Pump sets are recommended for steering gear displacements of 115-245cc (7 to 15CI) while the Type 2 is best suited for the displacements between 245-410cc (15-25CI). The Pump set consists of a piston pump driven by a DC motor and a separate CT2 solid-state motor control. Both pumps are compatible with all hydraulic steering systems. Comes with a long life, dual lipped, spring-loaded shaft seal, allowing it to maintain tank pressures of 4.1Kg/cm2 (60PSI)

ComNav 18CI Pump sets are recommended for vessels with steering gear displacements of 7-18CI while the 30CI is better suited for those with displacements of 15-30CI. The Pump set consists of a piston pump driven by a DC motor and a separate CT2 solid-state motor control box. Both pumps are compatible with all types of hydraulic steering, including pressurized systems.

Reversing Motor Pumpset for 30-40 CU-IN Cylinders
12V Part No. 20810019
24V Part No. 20810033

60CI Pumpset

The ComNav Type 3 pump set is designed specifically for vessels with steering cylinder displacements between 66-984cc (4-40CI). This pump is optimal for use in situations where rudder speed adjustability and lower power consumption are desired.

The Pump consists of:

  • Adjustable Pump with lock valves, reversing electric motor (12V or 24V)
  • Consult factory if cylinder larger then 40CU-IN
Dashboard & Remote Mount Autopilot Drives for Cable Steering
Dash Mount Cable Drive

Comnav Cable drives are ideally suited for any push/pull cable drives generally found on smaller powerboats and sail boats.

The drive is powerful delivering over 300lbs of cable thrust with a normal 15-second H.O-to-H.O rudder travel time. The drive based on the Morse 290 rotary helm unit accepts Morse 304415 and Teleflex SSC52 rotary cables without modifications. Contact Comnav Marine Ltd. or ComNav dealer for further details.

  • Thrust: 300 lbs
  • Power: 60 watts max
  • Clutch: built in for manual override
  • Built in autopilot rudder feedback
  • 90/20 degree bezel kit options
RM Sail Drive - Remote Mount Sail Drive & Accessories
Cable Drive

ComNav RM Sail Drive system makes it easy and economical to install Comnav Autopilots on small light displacements Sailing vessels with mechanical cable steering.

System includes:

  • Remote drive unit PN 30910010
  • Steering cable PN 20910011
  • Linear drive Universal connection kit PN 20910013

I/O and OB Adaptors

RM Sail Drive

Mercruiser DHB from 1994 Kit

  • Remote Drive PN 30910010
  • Steering Cable PN 20910011
  • Mercruiser/Mercury/Suzuki OB kit PN 20910015

Volvo Gas SX & DP-S Diesel SX from 1997 kit

  • Remote Drive PN 30910010
  • Steering Cable PN 20910011
  • Mercury/Mariner/Suzuki OB kit PN 20910015

Mercuiser Saginaw up to 1993 kit

  • Remote Cable Drive PN 30910010
  • Steering Cable PN 20910011
  • Mercruiser Saginaw DP-E/G kit PN 20910012

Volvo Diesel DP from 1994 kit

  • Remote Cable Drive PN 30910010
  • Steering Cable PN 20910011
  • Mercruiser Saginaw/Volvo DP-E/G kit PN 20910012

Yamaha OB 115-220 HP kit

  • Remote Cable Drive PN 30910010
  • Steering Cable PN 20910011
  • Yamaha 70 HP & Up Installation Kit PN 20910017

Mercury, Mariner & Suzuki OB 9 kit

  • Remote Cable Drive PN 30910010
  • Steering Cable PN 20910011
  • Suzuki, Mercury, Mariner kit PN 20910014
Constant Running DC Pumps - CRA
Constant Running DC Pumps

CRA PUMPS are available in 2000 CC up to 4000 CC fixed flow complete with reservoir tank, DC motor solenoids and motor starter relay. Available in 12 and 24-volt DC power systems.

CRA pump consist of:

  • 1/2 HP DC motor
  • 2 liter tank
  • Manifold with 1/4 NPT fittings
  • 3 x 18" flexible hoses
  • Built-in DC solenoid for autopilot steering commands
  • Built-in motor starter relay
  • Red indicator LED for correct motor direction
  • Terminal Strip for autopilot and Jog Connections
  • Metal enclosure

Heavy Duty CR pumps available in 3/4 HP and 1 HP with many options. Consult ComNav Marine LTD for more information.