P Series Autopilots

Autopilot Features Chart
Autopilot System Upgrades
Upgrade your autopilot system and save money at the same time.
cmnv_prod_p4-commercial_t.png NEW! - P4 Autopilot - Commercial
cmnv_prod_p4-yacht_t.png NEW! - P4 Autopilot - Yacht
cmnv_product_admiral-p3-render_100pxw.jpg Admiral Model P3
cmnv_product_commander-p2-render_100pxw.jpg Commander Model P2
cmnv_prod_commander-p2vs-c_100pxw.jpg Commander Model P2VS
cmnv_products_autopilots_1001.gif 1001 Autopilot
cmnv_products_autopilots_1420.gif 1420 Autopilot
cmnv_products_autopilots_1440.gif 1440 Autopilot
Not available in North America
cmnv_products_autopilots_1460.gif 1460 Autopilot
Not available in North America
cmnv_products_autopilots_2001.gif 2001 Autopilot