Commander Model P2

Engineered for Performance

Commander P2


Auto Learning using Intelligent Steering Technology — IST

Auto Setup — automatic drive detection, automatic pilot calibration & automatic compass compensation

Auto Sea State adjustment for reliability in all weather conditions

Sunlight Viewable TFT LCD or silver backed high contrast monochrome LCD

Work Mode — Superbly suited for professional performance on vessels requiring ultimate rudder response

Adjustments can be made “on the fly”

Advanced Power Features include automatic helm bias, automatic leeway control for minimizing course errors due to wind and tide

Automatic Thruster assist for dead-ahead slow or station keeping (option)

Proportional Rate Control to provide gentle smooth response at fast cruising speeds

NAV Mode provides adaptive precise track steering

NMEA 0183 input/output ports

Quick Turn Selection — continuous circle, U-turn, Emergency MOB to steer the Williamson-Recovery turn

FISH ZAG to allow the sport fisher to mimic the actions of live prey more closely

Simple touch 8 button illuminated keypad

Multi-language capability configurable in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Icelandic

Universal Mount — surface mount, flush mount or bracket mount

Waterproof — Control head to commercial grade IP67 standards

CE compliance for EMI and RFI immunity

Extended 3 year warranty




Control Head (surface mount w/o knob): 155 x 113 x 29 mm / 6.1 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches. Cable 25’ Head to SPU Signal Processing Unit: 257 x 184 x 73 mm / 10.2 x 7.3 x 2.9 inches


Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC

Power Consumption: Average 0.5 Amps, 3 Amps Peak (Lower consumption capability with low backlight setting)

Drive Output: 20 Amps

Navigational Interface: Dual NMEA 0183 inputs

NMEA 0183 Output: Heading (10x per sec), Autopilot Status (1x per sec)

Heading Reference: Fluxgate, Magnetic Compass, NMEA Compass or Heading Sensor G2/G2B GPS compass

Course Resolution:

Course Detection: 0.1°

Control Head: Sunlight viewable high contrast LCD is available in color or monochrome version; QVGA (320 x 240) high resolution display

ComNav Marine Ltd.

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Richmond, British Columbia • Canada • V6V 2G1

Phone: 604-207-1600 • Fax: 604-207-8008


Worldwide Service


9 level backlit LCD display

Colour head gives you Red Night Vision mode for comfortable viewing in all conditions

Pre-defined parameter sets for full or semi-displacement, planning hulls, stern drives and sailboats

Multiple steering capability for Fast, Slow and Work modes

Simple to use course knob with mechanical detent

Multi-station capability with security station lock

Automatic trim

Adjustable yaw, turn rate and rudder settings

PORT and STBD dodge buttons for collision avoidance

Output for optional analog rudder angle indicator, up to 4 stations

Fully compatible with onboard NMEA instruments and most steering systems

Versatile Wind Mode for excellent sailboat steering

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Specifications subject to change without notice

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