Sail Racing Compasses

Model 103R 360/360 Racing
Part No. 20710025
Model 103R 360/360 Racing

The worlds most popular racing compass for dinghies! First developed for the popular Laser dinghy, it is admirably suitable for others as well. This compass comes with a bearing scale on both the horizontal and the vertical plane. The compass slides into the bracket for easy removal until your next winning race.

As used in the last 10 Laser Worlds

Model 103P Racing
Part No. 20710018
Model 103P Racing

Designed for bulkhead mounting, this compass can also be mounted using an optional mast-bracket. 45° lubberlines make it easy to read this compass from several different positions.

Model 103RE Racing Elite
Part No. 20710027
Model 125FT Pacific

Features a bearing scale on the top of the card and dual tactical scale on the vertical edge. This compass slides in and out of a bracket for easy mounting and subsequent removal for storage.